Client Testimonials

Thomas's Testimonial

After coming to the realisation that I could be operating better than I currently was I found Sandra Ryan's website and decided to get some life c.. continue

Tims Testimonial

To Whom it May Concern Sandra Ryan I am very pleased to have engaged Sandra Ryan as my life coach between January and April this year. Over o.. continue

Debbies Testimonial

"Some of the issues that I discussed with Sandra were intensely personal and I felt supported and not judged at all. I soon began to realise that .. continue

Hadar's Testimonial

Your insights proved invaluable and showed me a way to pursue my dreams without fear of "being silly". You have rekindled my self confidence, and .. continue

Jackies Testimonial

“Sandra’s approach was very comfortable and relaxing. I felt open to discuss anything without being afraid or worried about being judg.. continue

Michaels Testimonial

"Sandra’s coaching helped me learn a lot about myself and I am now able to define what I really want. I am feeling much better about my futu.. continue