Jackies Testimonial

“Sandra’s approach was very comfortable and relaxing. I felt open to discuss anything without being afraid or worried about being judged. I discovered that I can change my life…..today”

To Whom It May Concern

Back in April 2006, I was given Sandra Ryan’s phone number by a friend to contact her regarding various past and present issues which were reoccurring in my life as well as ruling my life.

Through holistic counseling, understanding, patience and tools/techniques to assist, Sandra has helped me by demonstrating how to take a different approach with the way I deal with particular situations, understanding of people’s behaviors and working with diverse Management personality types using a range of communication/language styles to suite as well as remaining calm and collected through visualizing and breathing.

Sandra and I covered a lot of ground through our face to face meetings, phone conversations and emails. By releasing emotions and talking about things aloud, Sandra helped me confirm in my mind as well as finding peace that a lot of the issues were not my fault and that I had been living in victim mode for so many years by believing the lies and negative talk that was programmed in my head by family, friends and co-workers in the past. Sandra showed me that I have an inner strength and ability to stop believing the rubbish stored in my memory and through positive talk/affirmations I can change the way my life is today (in the now) by focusing on myself without feeling guilty and encouraging my true confidence and self worth to come out and blossom.

From being made to see Councilors and Psychologists at a young age and feeling like the system had failed me badly because they were not listening and were almost like text books, I was always searching for guidance/help in other ways whether it be through a total stranger or Alternative Therapies. I was so excited when my friend told me a little bit about Sandra and what she was studying. I was curious of what exactly does a Life Coach do and what they teach? Was it along the lines of Holistic Counseling, Meditation or Reiki? I could not wait to meet Sandra to find out more.

Sandra’s approach was very comfortable and relaxing, expressing a warm feeling of unconditional love. I felt open to discuss anything without being afraid or worried about being judged. I really enjoyed Sandra’s fun way of looking at situations from outside the square and the various types of homework she gave me to practice and put in place.


Yours Sincerely, Jacqueline