Thomas's Testimonial

After coming to the realisation that I could be operating better than I currently was I found Sandra Ryan's website and decided to get some life coaching. This was a great experience. With Sandra's patience and insights we identified areas of my life that were holding me back.

Over the course of a few sessions we set some short term goals which I achieved and its amazing how much more positive energy you have once you address some of the issues in your life that are holding you back. By fixing some of the things that are taking energy away, you end up with more positive energy overall and it's amazing what you can do and importantly what you think you can do once you have the correct mindset. It affects your entire outlook on life.

Sandra helped me with goal setting, life planning and being accountable for my own success. So rather then being dictated to by life and having many excuses for not achieving my dreams I now have the mindset to set goals, make smart decisions and follow through with action. It's amazing how empowered you feel once you have achieved some success.

I would highly recommend Sandra Ryan's skills as a life coach to help you become a better version of yourself, it's certainly worth the investment. We frequently pay to upgrade the operating systems on our computers and phones to make them operate better yet most people rarely think to invest in bettering themselves. I didn't necessarily have anything majorly wrong with me, life was cruising along OK however I wanted better and life coaching from Sandra has me operating at a higher level than I was 3 months ago.


Yours sincerely
Thomas Joynt