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Become An Amazing version of You when you free yourself from behaviour that is no longer working for you.


What is causing you concern in your life?

Anxiety, Weight loss, Quit Smoking, Worry, Fear, Self Esteem

(to name a few) are conditions that respond well to Hypnotherapy

and Coaching.



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5 Steps to Reducing Anxiety Conditions

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If you are suffering from anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, panic attacks etc. then this free e-book will show you a few ways to start to think and act differently. I have used these techniques in my own life and would love to help you make a change.

Appointment Times

Therapy is currently available by appointment, Wednesday to Friday 6:30pm to 9pm. Skype and  weekend appointments are available.   

Total confidence is assured at all times.

Client Testimonials

Debbies Testimonial

"Some of the issues that I discussed with Sandra were intensely personal and I felt supported and not judged at all. I soon began to realise that .. continue

Hadar's Testimonial

Your insights proved invaluable and showed me a way to pursue my dreams without fear of "being silly". You have rekindled my self confidence, and .. continue

Jackies Testimonial

“Sandra’s approach was very comfortable and relaxing. I felt open to discuss anything without being afraid or worried about being judg.. continue