Become An Amazing version of  You when you free yourself from behaviour that is no longer working for you.



A combination of Coaching, Counseling, Hypnotherapy and other complimentary Therapies will be used to gain the best outcome for that most important person  - You.


Imagine sitting and talking, in a totally judgment free zone, to someone whose only interest is You and in helping You get the life You want.



What is causing you concern in your life?


We will work through any area of your life that is not working for you just now. This could be changing your fears, reactions, relationships, moods, addictions, phobias, health, fitness or finances.



Anxiety Conditions,  what might be included under this heading?









What else might there be?

Some of us may become anxious at certain times in our lives, perhaps when we sit for an exam or begin something new or are in an uncommon situation and then once we start all is ok.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for many individuals.

Many situations are almost unbearable because the anxiety cannot be controlled.


This is a little bit of My Story.

I can recall a time when I was having severe panic attacks and feeling like I couldn't get enough oxygen into my lungs which caused shallow breathing which only increased that feeling of panic.

And on it goes... until we can make some sort of change that gives us an understanding of why this is happening.


The best thing I did was to seek help, firstly at the GP who prescribed a series of pills which helped at first and then I wanted to challenge myself and not take the pill, but knew they were in my bag, just in case.


My journey included self help psychology books which had exercises in them for personality profiling etc.   Soon the information started to make sense to me and gradually I began to know myself much better and the panic attacks started to subside and become manageable.


Through further studies and working through issues in practice sessions while I was gaining my qualifications, the panic attacks have completely gone.


It is amazing how much we can adapt and change!


Now with my Neuro-Com, Coaching and Hypnotherapy training I am specializing in helping people with any form of Anxiety condition.


This could have saved me so much time if I had known about these therapies way back then and I am so happy now, that I can use my experience to help others overcome what is holding them back.




Have you wanted to quit drugs but worried that the anxiety would be unbearable?


Or, have you wanted to relax, but never found success without drugs?


In this 5 step guide, we show you the exact steps to find peace, train the mind to be calm and centered without the need for substance abuse.


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"5 Steps to reduce Anxiety conditions without drugs"



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Kind words and clients testimonials

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Jennifer Dukes Lee

“Sandra’s approach was very comfortable and relaxing.

I felt open to discuss anything without being afraid or worried about being judged. I discovered that I can change my life…” Jackie

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