Therapy and Counseling

Clinical Hypnosis

We provide a full range of counseling and clinical hypnotherapy. All therapists are thoroughly experienced and all have recognised qualifications.

Hypnosis is both a state of relaxation and of magnified concentration. While you are in this state, you are neither asleep nor unconscious, but in an altered state of awareness.

I liken hypnosis being similar to when you were a child in bed and Mum or Dad reading a book to you as you slip off to sleep.

A suggestion made under hypnotic relaxation, is claimed to be up to nine times more powerful, because the conscious mind is not making that critical analysis while you are in this most relaxed state.

Hypnosis can help you to lose weight, manage stress, stop smoking, and/or to create greater confidence, motivation, focus and energy. It can be of significant assistance for problems such as phobias and fears, addictive behaviours, pain management, anxiety and many other issues.

A typical client, is someone willing to reflect on the past, accept the present and act now for a better future; someone who is seeking to understand themselves and is ready to put strategies in place to propel their lives forward.

A combination of Coaching, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and other complimentary Therapies can be used to gain the best outcome for the most important person – You.

Are you someone who is seeking to understand themselves and is ready to put strategies in place to propel their lives forward?

There is no magic and your commitment to the process is the key to your success.

My total commitment to you will be to assist you in your endeavour to make a change and to support, encourage and hold you accountable.

Time Line Therapy ®

Now specialising in Anxiety conditions such as Anger, Fear, Frustration, Worry in the 14 to 25 years of age range. You will learn how the Brain works and how quickly change can happen.

We also help teenagers who are experiencing issues at school and/or at home, exam stress, changes to family structure, mastering social skills, communication and time management. We are objective supporters and not involved in the school system. We offer judgement free and agenda free sessions, it is all about the Teen.


N – Neuro – The mind and how we think
L – Linguistic – How we use language and how it affects us
P – Programming – How we sequence our actions and achieve our goals

Neuro Com will help you understand how the mind and memory work.

Therapy is currently available by appointment, Wednesday to Friday 7-9PM Only

Skype/Phone sessions are available.

Total confidence is assured at all times.