Life Coaching

Private Life Coaching

Imagine sitting and talking, in a totally judgement free zone, to someone whose only interest is You and in helping You get the life You want. When you speak to someone who has been through the coaching experience, they will tell you it is an amazing experience.

We will work through any area of your life that is not working for you just now. This could be changing your fears, reactions, relationships, moods, addictions, phobias, health, fitness or finances.

Performance Coaching

Are you wanting to achieve even more right now? We will explore your strategies and choices and how they are serving you now.

What can you do to become more effective?

When the heat is on, you will perform at your best!

Teen Coaching

Now specialising in Anxiety conditions such as Anger, Fear, Frustration, Worry in the 14 to 25 years of age range. You will learn how the Brain works and how quickly change can happen.

We also help teenagers who are experiencing issues at school and/or at home, exam stress, changes to family structure, mastering social skills, communication and time management. We are objective supporters and not involved in the school system. We offer judgement free and agenda free sessions, it is all about the Teen.

Couples Coaching

Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner. Learn how your language can make a difference. What is important to each of you? What do you do together, alone and with the family?

Therapy is currently available by appointment, Wednesday to Friday 7-9PM Only

Skype/Phone sessions are available.

Total confidence is assured at all times.